Makrete Epoxy Binder Kits

Makrete Epoxy Binder Kits

Makcote Epoxy Binder is a high-performance, two-component, low viscosity epoxy resin system designed for a variety of construction and repair applications. By combining Makrete Fillers M4/M6s, it produces epoxy mortars with diverse consistencies, making it a key component in the Makrete Epoxy Primer system.

  • Versatile Epoxy Mortars: Combine with selected fillers and aggregates to create epoxy mortars of various consistencies, ideal for different applications.
  • High-Strength Grouts: Perfect for producing bolt or vertical starter-bar grouts when mixed with selected filler additions, ensuring strong and durable connections.
  • Priming System: Effectively used as a priming system within the Makrete Patch Repair range, enhancing adhesion and performance.
  • Concrete Floor Repair: Mix with fine aggregates like Makrete M4/M6 Filler to produce mortars of different consistencies for rapid and permanent patch repair of concrete floors, offering high strength, abrasion, and chemical resistance.

Makcote Epoxy Binder is the ultimate solution for those seeking a reliable, versatile, and high-strength epoxy binder for various construction and repair needs.

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129896 Makrete Epoxy Binder 6.0L Kits
130016 Makrete Epoxy Binder 30L Kits

Features and Benefits

  • Early Hardness Development: Makrete Epoxy Binder achieves initial hardness quickly, minimizing maintenance disruptions and ensuring rapid project completion.
  • Chemical Resistance: Our epoxy binder and patch repair mortars are unaffected by a wide range of acids, alkalis, and industrial chemicals, making them ideal for harsh environments.
  • Exceptional Compressive Strength: With compressive strengths of up to 90MPa, depending on mix consistency, Makrete products provide superior durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Versatile Application: Offering versatile mixing consistencies, Makrete products can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications, ensuring maximum adaptability.
  • Food Safe: HACCP certified, Makrete Epoxy Binder and repair mortars are safe for use in food handling areas, meeting stringent health and safety standards.
  • Compliance with Standards: Complying with AS4020:2018, our products are suitable for use in contact with drinking water, ensuring safety and reliability.
    Proudly Australian: Makrete products are Australian made and Australian owned, reflecting our commitment to quality and supporting local industries.