Combination SOG Bar Chairs

Product: Combination Slab on Ground Bar Chairs
Product description: Combination Slab on Ground (SOG) bar chairs are designed to support reinforcing mesh/bar in slab-on-ground projects. They are manufactured to provide dual-height options in the one bar chair size for increased application flexibility.  As they are manufactured from plastic there is zero-risk of rust problems and their lightweight and stackable design makes handling easy.  A standard flat base on the chairs minimises penetration through plastic and a wider base with no-slip pins is available for purchase separately when extra stability in sand or similar is required.


  • Light weight & stackable
  • Ideal for slab on ground construction, pod slabs and swimming pools
  • Base plate available for extra stability
  • Rust proof
  • Dual-height options available



Combination SOG Bar Chairs

Product CodeDescriptionBag QtyPallet Qty
101457Bar Chairs Combination SOG 25/40mm1005000
101458Bar Chairs Combination SOG 50/65mm1005000
101460Bar Chairs Combination SOG 75/901005000
101462Bar Chairs Combination SOG 85/1001005000

Base Plates

Product CodeDescriptionBag QtyPallet Qty
112528Bar Chairs SOG Base Plate 200mm1003000