5 Tips to bring Safety to a Greater Height

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5 Tips to bring Safety to a Greater Height

You are never safe without Nevosafe! Construction workers have a massive task in ensuring that the buildings constructed fulfils the safety conduct requirement. Ironically, the people who are responsible to create a safe place for others have a dangerous risky process in doing so. The importance of safety measures is amplified when it comes to constructing at heights.

Here’s 5 tips for better safety at higher grounds:

  1. Use Fencing/Rails

One of the best fall protection that is easy for workers to comply with is by using fencing or rails on construction sites at the far end of each floor space in the air. As long as construction workers are within the protective rails that meet the OSHA requirements, falls can be prevented should an accident occur. Note that repairs that should be made immediately whenever the rail or fencing is damaged or broken, to prevent work place accidents.

  1. Cover up dangerous spots

Construction sites should be carefully assessed and any area at risk of injury should be identified so its safety measure can be improved. For example, if there is a risk of injury from being impaled on reinforcement bars, a rebar safety strip such as Nevosafe can be placed on top to cover it up. That would be a quick, easy method that is weather-resistant and reusable to save lives as it protects people even during falling accidents.

  1. Wear the right equipment

The purpose of proper protective gear and clothing is not just so construction workers can look the part, but it is also a mandatory measure to ensure safety. These include well-fitted helmets, protective eyewear, ear plugs, anti-slip foot wear and protective apparels that are suitable for the working environment. Especially when working at a great height, it is important for workers to have fall harnesses that are steady and fixed to a strong anchorage point. The bright colour apparel that is easily seen would also be useful in ensuring people below are kept aware that there are workers above.

  1. Use the right equipment

The importance of choosing appropriate construction site tools should not be overlooked. The distance between the construction worker’s work site from the ground should be a key indicator for picking what equipment should be used.  For constructions being done at great height, a lift may be more suitable compared to a ladder. In constructions where ladders are used, the upper and lower end of the ladder should be fastened properly to prevent a fall from height. A step platform ladder would be a better alternative than normal ladders as there would be larger work surfaces for greater stability.

  1. Monitor and review control measures regularly

You can never be too safe, especially when there are constant changes for a fast pace industry such as construction. Control measures should regularly be monitored and reviewed to ensure that risk identified has been taken care of and new risks have not been introduced. Practical control measure that is already implemented could be inspected for any opportunity to be improved and ensuring the control method selected does not expose it to a greater risk than the one it is designed to control.

With all the potential hazardous conditions, it’s no wonder construction workers are regarded as one of the most dangerous types of occupation. However, with the right precautions made, the completion of every construction is no doubt a meaningful achievement.

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