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Danterr Is Open And Supporting You And Your Site

Danterr is Open and Supporting YOU and YOUR Site

COVID-19 is hindering the Australian construction sector and as such at Danterr we are following the national guidelines and are taking a few conservative steps as to try our best to continue to service our clients.

Our sales representatives are still available to contact on a daily basis. You can call as per usual or our staff are available viaZoom meetings. For information on how to host or participate in a Zoom meeting, please click here.

As long as stock last and our supply chain stays intact, we will be able to deliver to site as we normally do should you and your team still be onsite and be working as normal.

Furthermore – if you know you need stock in an upcoming part or segment of your project, we can take your order, and we will hold the stock until you need it, then deliver it to site once you and your team are back and require said stock.

We have recently invested a lot of time and effort in protecting our supply lines. We now have many different options regarding supply of most of our top products. Lead times may stretch, but we will continue to keep our warehouses as full as possible and either hold or move stock as needed.

Danterr will continue to follow the advice of the Australian Medical Council. Therefore, as of right now, we are still able to take orders and both deliver to site, and store your order if required.

Stay tuned.