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Exposed Rebars Safety

Nevosafe™ – Viva la Revolution

What are the best safety products ever invented? The Seatbelt maybe? Perhaps the Fire Extinguisher? Safety Razor? Airbags? The list could go on and on. What about the top ten inventions of all time?

Danterr’s list, well the humble author of this here articles’ list would probably be… actually, let’s assume we live in a vacuum and the below mentioned inventions have not killed people or contributed to war or global warming; taking all that into consideration, here is the list…

10 Cars

9 Internal Combustion Engine

8 Semiconductors / Computers

7 Sanitation

6 The Wheel

5 The Internet

4 Light Bulbs

3 Telescope

2 Compass

1 Written Language

And now we have Nevosafe™. A basic yet ingenious invention that is keeping the men and women who are building the things that allow us to live a comfortable life, safe. Ok, so we have lured you in with the above paragraphs, but should construction be your game, and safety your aim, Nevosafe™ is a must and reading on will garner a sense of trust.

Exposed Rebars Safety

Prevent an Accident Waiting to Happen

Nevosafe™ complete with steel reinforcement, has landed at Danterr, well docked actually. Nevosafe™ will reinvent workplace safety regarding exposed rebars. The threat of impalement on exposed rebar is ever present in Australia; since 2000, there have been dozens of news stories Australia wide, regarding impalement causing death and serious injury resulting from minor falls onto exposed rebar. Go ahead and Google or YouTube ‘impalement on concrete reinforcement’ and see for yourself. Sadly 28% of workplace fatalities since 2003 have resulted from preventable falls. Like the seatbelt or the safety razor, or even the can opener, Nevosafe™ is a game changer. Like these classic advances in safety, in retrospect, this new product seems so simple. Steel, inside a curved piece of durable plastic that can prevent impalement after a fall.

Exposed Rebars Safety

The Advancement

In the past, someone at a site would have to individually cap exposed rebars for safety; now employers can protect their employees in a much more efficient and effective fashion. Think about 300 exposed rebar protruding towards the sky or for that matter rebar that protrudes straight out of a slab sideways, or even exposed rebar coming through the bottom of a pour where workers are underneath and the lifting of one’s head replaces falling as the risk factor. Nevosafe™ can be used vertically, horizontally or even upside down. Previously 300 individual protection points would have to be purchased, and one at a time placed on each rebar. At a cost of around $5 per steel reinforced cap. Not only was this an expensive albeit necessary exercise, but the simple time it took to apply each individual protection cap was again a necessary, but very long process. Now, just for example, six rebars spaced 200mm apart, can be covered by one strip of Nevosafe™.

That means it will now take (using the 200mm spacings as an example) just 1/6th of the time to cap any given number of exposed rebar. Plus, the cost is now (on average) around half of what it was to individually cap each rebar. The financial savings, together with the efficiency of application indeed make Nevosafe™ a must for any project.

Safety is Paramount

Nevosafe™ is a game changer. Words can explain only so far as to relay our excitement about this product, but for a practical demonstration as to how this product can benefit your site please have a look at this…

It really is as simple as that!

Such a Simple Thing

It is not just major urban infrastructure projects or huge safety upgrades that can benefit from the Nevosafe™. This product can be used on any worksite. One strip can cover six exposed rebars that are spaced 200mm apart. This is just an example; no matter what your engineering specifications in terms of distance between rebar, Nevosafe™ is hard to look past for those wanting a safe site. It is robust, can be used in all weather conditions and can be reused repeatedly. This product is safety tested with exposed rebars for a man of 100kg falling from a height of up to 3m. A pack comes with 6 x 1m strips, or in a pallet of 296 x 1m strips.

Exposed Rebars Safety

Danterr has the Australian stock, the price is right, and to turn a horrific incident like this…


Into an incident where a worker returns home to his family with a slightly sore back, enquire now!

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