The Tuesday Aggregate | DEC 10

The Tuesday Aggregate | DEC 10

Our blogs at Danterr are very popular and are much quoted within our little sphere of the Australian Construction Sector.


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Danterr blog

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Here is a list of our blogs from recent memory – this should get your thought process ticking along!

IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL LAND – A description of airports that are very hard to build.
NEVOSAFE™ – VIVA LA REVOLUTION – A description of the best safety product in our range.
USING HISTORY TO HOLD-UP 21ST CENTURY STRUCTURES – A history of the use of concrete columns throughout history and the 21st products used to make columns these days.
THIS SUNBURNT COUNTRY WILL CONTINUE TO BAKE – 386,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 reasons why to use sunscreen.

Danterr blogs

CONCRETE BATTERIES – Danterr’s solution to our upcoming Australian Energy Crisis.
WATER… WE ALL NEED IT – The how and why of safely storing fresh water.
ALMOST AS SURE AS THE SUN COMING UP – THE WIND WILL CONTINUE TO BLOW! – A detailed description of why wind power is a great idea. Look out for the Homer Simpson clip.
REPELLING FORCE – When roads are in the sky spanning rivers and so on, multiple laws are physics are being fended off. Bridges 101 by Danterr.


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