Makrete Makpatch FC 20kg

Makrete Makpatch FC 20kg

Upgrade your construction projects with Makrete Makpatch FC, a top-tier cementitious fairing coat mortar designed for superior performance. Crafted from a blend of cements, graded aggregates, special fillers, and chemical additives, this ready-to-use blend requires only the addition of water on-site to create a highly consistent fairing mortar.

  • Concrete Surface Repair: Perfect for repairing defects and imperfections on concrete surfaces, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish.
  • Vertical Applications: Ideal for vertical surfaces, providing excellent adhesion and coverage for repairs and coatings.
  • Internal and External Repairs: Suitable for use in both internal and external environments, offering versatility in project applications.
  • Efficient Surface Filling: Easily fill imperfections and voids with a single-coat application, providing efficient and effective repairs.

Makrete Makpatch FC fairing coat mortar is the ultimate solution for achieving high-quality, durable, and uniform finishes on concrete surfaces. Experience the difference in performance and reliability for your construction projects today.

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129713 Makrete Makpatch FC Grey 20kg
131805 Makrete Makpatch FC Off White 20kg
131806 Makrete Makpatch FC White 20kg

Features and Benefits

  • Fast Setting: Makrete Makpatch FC sets quickly, allowing for rapid project completion and minimizing downtime.
  • Excellent Concrete Bond: Achieve superior adhesion to concrete substrates, ensuring long-lasting and durable repairs.
  • Versatile Application: Whether for internal or external use, this mortar produces a smooth finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces.
  • User-Friendly: Simply add water to the pre-blended mix – no primer needed in most cases, making it easy to use and saving you time.
  • Durable Repairs: Makrete Makpatch FC provides durable and reliable repairs, ensuring the longevity of your structures.
  • Workability: Enjoy excellent workability with this mortar, allowing for easy application and shaping to meet your project requirements.
  • Compatibility: Can be overcoated with conventional surface coatings or left exposed as the finished final coat, offering versatility in design options.
  • Consistent Quality: Pre-blended to overcome site-batched variations, ensuring consistent performance with every application.
  • Wide Application Range: From feather edge to 5mm, it can be applied in a single application, providing flexibility and efficiency in your repairs.