Makrete Makpatch LW 10Kg

Makrete Makpatch LW 10Kg

Makrete Makpatch LW is the ultimate solution for achieving a smooth surface texture before painting or applying a render or fairing coat. Designed for high performance and minimal shrinkage, this lightweight patch repair mortar can handle repairs up to 90mm in a single application without any slump.

  • Covering Metal Joining Plates: Ideal for patching repairs and covering metal joining plates or stitch plates in tilt-up or pre-cast panels.
  • Color Options: Available in three colors – white, off white, and grey – to suit various project needs.
  • High Build Applications: Perfect for high build applications up to 90mm, especially for vertical repairs.
  • General Repairs: Suitable for general high build-up repairs where a non-structural patch repair mortar is required.
  • Formwork-Free Application: Can be applied without the need for formwork, simplifying the repair process.
  • Fire-Rated Repairs: Excellent for repairing sections that require fire rating, ensuring safety and compliance.

Makrete Makpatch LW is your go-to patch repair mortar for efficient, high-quality repairs with a smooth finish. Its versatility and performance make it ideal for both professional and DIY projects, ensuring reliable and lasting results.

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131802 Makrete Makpatch LW Grey 10Kg
131803 Makrete Makpatch LW Off White 10Kg
131804 Makrete Makpatch LW White 10Kg

Features and Benefits

  • No Need for Formwork: Simplify your repair process with Makrete Makpatch LW, which eliminates the need for formwork, saving you time and effort.
  • Shrinkage Compensated: Achieve long-term dimensional stability with our patch repair mortar, designed to compensate for shrinkage and prevent cracking.
  • Versatile Application Range: Apply this versatile mortar from 5mm to 90mm in a single application, making it perfect for various repair needs.
  • Wet Spraying Techniques: Easily apply Makrete Makpatch LW using wet spraying techniques for efficient and uniform coverage.
  • Smooth Finish: Finish off your repairs with a smooth surface texture, ready for painting or additional coatings.
  • User-Friendly: Simply add water to this pre-mixed, one-component formula, making it incredibly easy to use on-site.
  • Fire Rated: With a 4-hour fire rating to AS1530.4, Makrete Makpatch LW offers enhanced safety and compliance for critical applications.
  • Lightweight Formulation: Its lightweight composition allows for extra high-build applications, reducing the number of cold joints and enhancing structural integrity.
  • Consistent Quality: Pre-bagged to ensure consistency and overcome site-batched