Galvanised Reinforcing Mesh

Galvanised Reinforcing Mesh

Danterr is at the forefront of infrastructural innovation, providing the durable and resilient galvanised reinforcing mesh that today’s projects demand. This mesh has rapidly become an indispensable component for modern construction, particularly in settings where corrosion resistance is paramount.

In high-corrosion environments, such as coastal and marine infrastructures, the galvanised reinforcing mesh stands out as the premier choice. Its strength and durability make it an ideal candidate not only for these challenging settings but also for urban developments, ensuring longevity in structures such as bridges, overpasses, tunnels, and transport hubs.

Especially beneficial in liquid limestone concrete pours, our galvanised reinforcing mesh offers a distinctive advantage. Its high corrosion resistance ensures that structures remain untarnished by the common rust stains associated with standard meshes. While our stock includes specifications like SL62, SL72, SL81, SL82, SL92 and SL102 (6m x 2.4m sheets), we’re equipped to provide custom sizes tailored to your project’s precise needs.

When it comes to constructing enduring infrastructure that can withstand the challenges of both time and environment, trust in the reliability of Danterr’s galvanised reinforcing mesh.

In addition to our highly sought-after galvanised reinforcing mesh, Danterr is also proud to offer Stainless Steel Reo Mesh and Fibreglass Reo Mesh. Both of these variants uphold our commitment to quality and durability, catering to specific project requirements. Whether it’s the unparalleled corrosion resistance of stainless steel or the lightweight strength of fibreglass, our range of reo mesh products ensures that every infrastructural need is met with precision and excellence

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Product Code Description Dimensions


Reo Mesh SL62 Gal 2400mm x 6000mm


Reo Mesh SL72 Gal 2400mm x 6000mm


Reo Mesh SL81 Gal

2400mm x 6000mm


Reo Mesh SL82 Gal

2400mm x 6000mm


Reo Mesh SL92 Gal

2400mm x 6000mm


Reo Mesh SL102 Gal

2400mm x 6000mm