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At Danterr, we understand that in the evolving realm of construction, it’s essential to provide professionals with superior alternatives that drive success in their projects. Our range of reinforcement solutions goes beyond the conventional, offering both versatility and unmatched quality.

Deformed Reinforcing Bar

Deformed bars, or rebars as they are colloquially known, are the backbone of many structures. Characterised by their ribbed surface, they provide the necessary grip that binds them securely to concrete, ensuring structural stability. These Class N (normal ductility) reinforcing bars are perfectly tailored for diverse applications, such as reinforced concrete slabs, prefabricated beams, and columns, meeting all relevant Australian standards.


  • Durability: With a consistent track record, these bars offer enduring strength, ensuring that structures remain solid and stable for years to come.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, catering to the varied demands of the construction industry.
  • Standards Compliant: Meeting and often surpassing all the required Australian standards, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Bulk Orders & Custom Requirements

For those tackling large-scale projects, Danterr stands ready to manage both bulk orders and custom requirements. Discuss your needs with our experts to secure the best reinforcing solution tailored to your endeavour. Contact us directly at 1800 262 383 or drop us an email at

Beyond the Traditional: Exploring Alternatives to the Deformed Reinforcing Bar

In construction, the deformed bar has always been a go-to. But as building methods grow and change, there’s a bigger push for special products that fit different project needs. At Danterr, we’ve expanded our range to include the Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bar, the Galvanised Reinforcing Bar and the Fibreglass Reinforcing Bar. Each of these options can often do more than the usual rebars, giving architects and builders more choices for their projects. Let’s take a closer look at these advanced solutions and see how they can benefit today’s construction tasks.

Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bar

Engineered for settings that demand superior corrosion resistance, stainless steel reinforcing bars not only enhance the structure’s longevity but also its aesthetic appeal. Made with precision, they’re the answer to challenging environments where traditional steel might falter.


  • Corrosion Resistance: Stands strong against environmental challenges, ensuring long-lasting structures.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers a cleaner look, elevating the overall visual appeal of projects.
  • Cost-Effective: In the long run, reduced maintenance and repair needs can lead to significant cost savings.

Galvanised Reinforcing Bar

Undergoing an intensive hot-dip galvanising process, this bar exemplifies Danterr’s commitment to exceptional quality. It promises unmatched resistance against the persistent threat of corrosion and rust, setting a new standard for reinforcement in the industry.


  • Enhanced Durability: With its rust-resistant properties, this bar ensures extended life for structures.
  • Versatility: Its robust nature makes it perfect for a plethora of applications.
  • Safety: The galvanising process reduces the risk of premature structural failure due to rust.

Fibreglass Reinforcing Bar (GFRP)

A marvel of modern engineering, GFRP emerges as a high-strength, corrosion-resistant alternative to conventional steel. Its unique composition offers extended structural life, making it an asset for various innovative projects.


  • Extended Lifespan: GFRP’s corrosion-resistant nature promises a longer structural life.
  • Safety: The risk of repetitive lifting injuries is diminished thanks to its lightweight property.
  • Specialised Applications: Its electrical non-conductivity makes it perfect for projects like light rail or tram slabs.

Introducing Danterr’s Mesh Reinforcements for Modern Construction

In construction, while bars have long been the go-to for reinforcement, mesh products are gaining ground. They offer both flexibility and strength, helping spread loads evenly across large areas. At Danterr, we’re proud to offer three types of mesh reinforcements: Stainless Steel Reinforcing Mesh, Galvanised Reinforcing Mesh and Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh. Each one has its own set of benefits and is crafted to meet the needs of today’s building projects. Let’s take a closer look at how these mesh products are making a difference in modern construction.

Stainless Steel Reinforcing Mesh

An epitome of precision and strength, the Stainless Steel Reinforcing Mesh is designed to impart tensile strength to concrete, enhancing structural longevity and minimising the risk of cracks.


  • Robustness: Provides enhanced tensile strength, ensuring structures withstand various stresses.
  • Durability: With high resistance to corrosion, it promises a longer lifespan for constructions.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Lends a refined look to the structure, ensuring both strength and style.

Galvanised Reinforcing Mesh

Embodying Danterr’s promise of quality, the Galvanised Reinforcing Mesh stands as a bulwark against the elements. Tailored for modern construction scenarios, its corrosion-resistant properties ensure enduring infrastructure across a plethora of applications.


  • Longevity: The galvanised coating ensures the mesh remains rust-free for extended periods, preserving structural integrity.
  • Versatility: Designed to be adaptable, catering to a broad spectrum of construction needs.
  • Safety: Offers consistent reinforcement, reducing the risk of structural anomalies.

Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh

Treading the path of innovation, Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh emerges as a vanguard in reinforcement. With inherent properties like electrical non-conductivity and non-magnetism, this mesh is more than just reinforcement; it’s a strategic choice for specialised projects.


  • Adaptability: Tailored for critical undertakings, it ensures the longevity and integrity of a variety of structures.
  • Safety: The non-conductive nature makes it optimal for projects near electrical installations.
  • Specialised Utility: Perfect for niche projects such as light rail or tram slabs where traditional metals could interfere with operations.

At Danterr, we’re not just about offering products; we’re about crafting solutions tailored to your construction needs. Whether it’s our range of reinforcing bars or meshes, we’ve got you covered!

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