Transforming Sydney’s Infrastructure: WSA Landside Works

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The WSA Landside Works project is a transformative $382 million initiative aimed at enhancing connectivity and infrastructure at Western Sydney Airport, which is crucial for regional growth and development. This significant development is located in Western Sydney, Australia, with an investment of $382 million. The client for this project is the Western Sydney Airport Corporation. The project commenced in 2022 and is expected to be completed by 2025.

Development of landside infrastructure including roads, car parks, and public utility networks.

The Problem: Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges

Western Sydney Airport needed advanced infrastructure to support the increasing passenger and cargo traffic. This required a strategic solution to enhance access and address the problem efficiently.

  • Congestion and Delays: The level of traffic increased continually over the years, and there was a problem of congestion that was compounded by the poor existing infrastructure. This inefficiency hindered the smooth operation of the airport system’s passenger and goods transportation.
  • Limited Accessibility: The lack of road and transport network also posed a major challenge to access to the airport, this made it very hard for travellers and logistics companies to access the airport. This restriction became a challenge to regional development.
  • Hindrance to Regional Growth: The lack of robust infrastructure impacted the airport’s operations but also held back regional economic growth. Without improvements, the area’s potential for attracting businesses and investments was compromised.

The Solution: WSA Landside Works

The WSA Landside Works project addresses these challenges through comprehensive infrastructure development, ensuring smoother traffic flow, better access, and modern utilities.

  • Enhanced Road Network: A new 12 km road network to facilitate smoother traffic flow and better access to the airport.
  • Bridge Construction: Three new bridges to improve connectivity and reduce travel times.
  • Advanced Drainage Systems: Upgraded drainage to prevent flooding and enhance road safety.
  • Operational Buildings: State-of-the-art operational buildings to support airport functions and passenger services.
  • Utility Upgrades: Comprehensive utility services to support the new infrastructure and future growth.

Danterr’s Contribution

Danterr has provided high-quality construction materials essential for the WSA Landside Works, ensuring durability, sustainability, and compliance with strict building requirements. Key materials supplied include:

  • SOG Bar Chairs: These combination bar chairs provide essential support for slab-on-ground (SOG) construction, ensuring proper reinforcement placement and structural integrity.
  • FutureFlex Sheets: Advanced expansion foam sheets that accommodate structural movement and thermal expansion, enhancing the longevity and durability of concrete joints.
  • Expansion Caps: High-quality caps designed to protect dowel ends, preventing concrete spalling and ensuring smooth joint movement.
  • Bond-Breaking Tape: This tape prevents adhesion in concrete joints, facilitating controlled cracking and enhancing joint performance.
  • Bituthene 5000: A self-adhesive membrane that provides excellent waterproofing for concrete structures, protecting them from moisture ingress and damage.
  • Vectorfill™: Bitumen-impregnated fibreboard for expansion joints, offering flexibility and resilience under varying temperatures and loads.
  • Hydrotite: A hydrophilic water stop that expands upon contact with water, providing a reliable seal for concrete joints and preventing water leakage.
  • Stainless Steel Dowels: Corrosion-resistant dowels that ensure long-term performance and durability in concrete joints, essential for heavy-duty infrastructure.
  • VoidX: Innovative void formers that create controlled voids in concrete structures, reducing weight and material usage while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Reinforcing Mesh: Stainless steel mesh that provides superior reinforcement for concrete, enhancing its strength and durability.
  • Connolly Joint Systems: Advanced expansion joint systems that accommodate movement and prevent cracking, ensuring the longevity of concrete pavements.

Danterr ensures the highest standards of quality and reliability for all materials supplied. Rigorous quality control processes and a commitment to sourcing the best products locally and internationally underpin our contributions to the WSA Landside project.

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Community Benefits

  • Safety Improvements: The enhanced road network and new bridges bring better road security by decreasing traffic and minimising accidental risks. Modern infrastructure features, such as better lighting and signage, contribute to safer travel for all road users.
  • Efficiency Gains: With a new 12 km road network and improved drainage systems, the project reduces traffic delays and improves travel efficiency. This moves for the passengers and cargo to be faster increasing the overall productivity of the airport, and the region.
  • Accessibility: Ease of access for all users including cyclists, pedestrians as well as users of public transport are enhanced when access roads and pedestrian walkways are upgraded. These improvements make the airport more accessible so it enhances the ability to mobility as well as convenience for disabled people.
  • Environmental Considerations: The new project used recycled materials and measures to ensure it is environmentally friendly. These efforts mean a healthier and more efficient environment for the community and sustainable conditions for the earth.


The WSA Landside Works project exemplifies Danterr’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With long-term improvements in regional connectivity and economic growth, this project sets the stage for future expansions to further enhance infrastructure.

For those seeking top-tier construction materials and solutions, Danterr stands ready to support your projects with unmatched expertise and innovative products. Contact Danterr today to join us in building a sustainable future.

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