Concrete Jointing Sleeves: The Key to Seamless, Durable Construction

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Are you striving for excellence in your construction projects? In the construction industry, achieving seamless and durable concrete joints is essential.

At Danterr, we understand the critical role of jointing sleeves in ensuring strength and durability to concrete structures; our concrete jointing sleeves feature new technologies to give you the best in industrial production and enable you to deliver results on site. Let’s explore how our Speed Sleeves, Flange Dowel Boxes, and Speed Sleeve Nailing Plates can revolutionise your construction process.

What Are Concrete Jointing Sleeves?

Concrete jointing sleeves are specialised components designed to facilitate the proper alignment of concrete joints. These sleeves facilitate dowel installation which helps control the load bearing on the joints, control movement in the vertical direction, and prevent cracks. By using concrete jointing sleeves, construction can achieve more durable and seamless joints, ultimately enhancing the overall quality and longevity of the structure.

Danterr’s Concrete Jointing Sleeves

Speed Sleeves: Speed Sleeves marks a new approach to how construction professionals handle concrete joints. Designed to work for friction-cut round dowels, Speed Sleeves eliminate the need for drilling formwork and greasing dowels decreasing vertical movement and preventing potential joint damage.


  • Effortless Installation: Quick to apply, especially for industrial ground slabs with multiple joints. Nailable to wooden form boards using optional nailing plates (sold separately) or compatible with existing/epoxied dowels.
  • Enhanced Joint Integrity: Minimizes vertical movement, ensuring structural integrity and safeguarding load transfer while allowing necessary joint movement.
  • Versatile Application: Available in standard sizes of 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, and 33mm to suit various construction needs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Non-corrosive PVC for durability and resistance to environmental factors.
  • Pack Quantities: Sizes range from 16mm to 33mm, with pack quantities of 50 or 100 depending on size and length.

Flange Dowel Boxes: Provide robust and precise alignment for concrete slabs which is very important for big buildings. These boxes ease the installation, reduce labour costs, and enhance the overall quality of your construction work.


  • Superior Alignment: Provides exact dowel placement, ensuring consistent quality.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces installation time and labour costs.
  • Durable Design: Made to withstand rigorous construction environments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Galvanized steel for high strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Available Sizes: 20mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm to accommodate various dowel diameters.

Speed Sleeve Nailing Plates: Designed for fast and accurate installation of dowels in concrete joints, it ensures sleeves are perfectly aligned, providing a secure and efficient jointing solution. They save time, ensure precision, and are built to last for heavy-duty construction projects.


  • Precision Installation: Ensures perfect alignment for dowels, enhancing joint integrity.
  • Time-Saving: Simplifies the installation process, reducing labour time.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to last in demanding construction environments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Reusable: Can be used multiple times, providing cost savings.
  • Colour-Coded: Based on diameter for easy identification (e.g., 16mm – Green, 20mm – Red, 24mm – Brown, 33mm – Blue).

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Danterr Projects Using Concrete Jointing Sleeves

  • Sydney Gateway Project: Speed Sleeves were used to help provide seamless and durable concrete joints, control the load transfer, and decrease the cracking in a major infrastructure project.
  • Mona Vale Road East Upgrade: The Flange Dowel Boxes help to identify the accurately aligned position of the concrete slabs increasing structural strength, which was required for the road upgrade project.
  • Rozelle Interchange: Speed Sleeve Nailing Plates facilitated fast and accurate dowel installation, ensuring secure efficient jointing in several steel bridges, that are parts of the interchange.
  • West Gate Tunnel Project: Speed Sleeves guaranteed high durability and productivity of concrete joints which is crucial for large-scale tunnel construction.
  • M4 East Western Motorway, Sydney: Flange Dowel Boxes facilitated concrete slabs with alignment and connection, supporting the structural integrity of a major motorway project.

At Danterr, we are committed to sustainability. Our concrete jointing sleeves are highly sustainable enhancing environmentally friendly construction buildings. For a deeper dive into our products, check out our detailed guide: The Essential Guide to Concrete Jointing Systems in Construction.


Choosing Danterr’s innovative concrete jointing sleeves enhances the efficiency and quality of your construction projects and aligns with sustainable building practices. Find out the distinctiveness with Danterr where innovation and reliability for superior construction outcomes. We are proud to offer products that are built to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction while contributing to a greener future. Contact Danterr today!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Concrete jointing sleeves are specialised components used to ensure proper alignment and connection of concrete slabs, facilitating the installation of dowels.

Speed Sleeves reduce vertical movement and potential joint damage by eliminating the need for drilling formwork and greasing dowels, enhancing overall joint integrity.

Flange Dowel Boxes ensure precise alignment of concrete slabs, simplify the installation process, and reduce labour costs, making them essential for large-scale projects.

Speed Sleeve Nailing Plates ensure that sleeves are perfectly aligned during dowel installation, providing secure and efficient jointing.

Danterr’s concrete jointing sleeves are built to last, with durable materials designed for long-term performance in demanding environments.

While Flange Dowel Boxes are typically used for large-scale projects, they can be beneficial for any project requiring precise slab alignment.

Speed Sleeve Nailing Plates work by ensuring precise alignment and secure fastening of dowel sleeves to the formwork. This setup simplifies installation, reduces labour costs, and enhances joint integrity by accurately positioning the dowels within the sleeves. The plates facilitate efficient, accurate, and reliable concrete jointing, leading to more durable construction outcomes.

Danterr offers a range of sizes and types to suit different project needs, but specific customization options should be discussed with their sales team.

Projects like the Sydney Gateway Project and Mona Vale Road East Upgrade have successfully used Danterr’s jointing sleeves.

To choose the right concrete jointing sleeve, consider your project’s specific requirements such as load transfer needs, slab size, and environmental conditions. Different sleeves, like Speed Sleeves for reducing vertical movement or Flange Dowel Boxes for precise alignment, offer unique benefits. Consult with Danterr’s experts to match your project specifications with the appropriate product, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with industry standards. For personalized guidance, contact Danterr at 📞: 1800 262 383 or 📧:

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