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Are you frustrated with construction materials that don’t stand up to the job? Imagine if your grout and repair products could withstand the harshest conditions without failing. We’re excited to introduce the Makrete Product Line, engineered to deliver high-performance epoxy grouts, concrete repair solutions, and patch repair products. Designed for superior strength, chemical resistance, and long-lasting performance, Makrete products are perfect for all your construction and repair needs.

Whether you’re managing large-scale infrastructure projects, precision engineering tasks, or routine repairs, Makrete offers the reliability and durability you need. Our comprehensive range ensures that every aspect of your work is supported by the best materials available, making your projects successful and enduring.

Why We Chose the Makrete Product Line

At Danterr, the right grout can make all the difference in your construction projects. That’s why we’ve partnered with Makrete Building Solutions, a trusted Australian manufacturer with over 35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing top-tier construction products.

The Makrete Product Line stands out not just for its high performance, but also for its commitment to sustainability. By using locally sourced raw materials and innovative formulations, Makrete creates grouts that are both high-performing and environmentally friendly. Their focus on technical expertise and problem-solving ensures that their products meet the unique demands of the Australian construction industry.

Makrete Concrete Repair Product

Danterr is excited to introduce the Makcote Epoxy Binder, a high-performance, two-component epoxy resin system designed for a variety of construction and repair applications. This exceptional product offers unmatched durability and reliability, making it ideal for both small and large projects.

Makrete Epoxy Binder Kits: Pre-measured epoxy resin and hardener kits for convenient and accurate mixing of Makrete epoxies. Ideal for smaller projects or for those requiring precise resin-to-hardener ratios.

  • Create versatile epoxy mortars of various consistencies, ideal for different applications.
  • Effectively used as a priming system enhancing adhesion and performance.
  • Produce mortars of different consistencies for rapid and permanent patch repair of concrete floors

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Makrete Concrete Repair Product

Danterr proudly supplies the Makrete Concrete Repair Product Line, featuring versatile and high-performance epoxy grouts designed for a wide range of applications. From filling gaps to securing heavy machinery, Makgrout products deliver exceptional strength, durability, and ease of use.

Makgrout EP 20kg: A versatile grout for a wide range of applications, suitable for filling gaps from 2mm to 150mm in a single pour.

  • High strength and chemical and water resistance (suitable for underwater applications)
  • Non-shrink formula for a secure, long-lasting bond
  • Extended workability for larger pours and hot environments

Makgrout Panel 20kg: A precast panel grout specifically designed for filling gaps and voids under precast concrete panels and around anchor bolts.

  • High strength and stain resistance
  • Versatile for various precast applications
  • Reduces cracking and protects from corrosion

Makgrout LA Ultra 20kg: A high-strength epoxy grout ideal for large repairs due to its exceptional strength and ability to reduce cracking.

  • Superior strength for demanding applications
  • Reduces cracking and protects from corrosion
  • Suitable for large repairs

Makgrout HES 20kg: A high early strength, shrinkage-compensated grout perfect for situations requiring fast equipment reinstatement.

  • Rapid strength development for faster project completion
  • Shrinkage-compensated for minimal movement
  • Ideal for applications where quick turnaround is essential

Makgrout HS 20kg: A high-strength grout designed for precision grouting, capable of filling gaps up to 200 millimeters in one application.

  • Exceptional strength for demanding projects
  • Fills large gaps (up to 200mm) in a single pour
  • Suitable for precision grouting applications

Makgrout GP 20kg: A non-staining, shrinkage-compensated grout suitable for precast concrete panel installation, anchor bolt filling, and various other applications.

  • High strength and non-staining properties
  • Shrinkage-compensated for a secure bond
  • Versatile for various grouting needs

Makgrout HS Ultra 20kg: A high-strength grout ideal for precast concrete, heavy machinery, and dynamic load environments.

  • Exceptional strength for demanding applications
  • Controlled expansion system prevents shrinkage in both plastic and hardened states
  • Suitable for precast concrete, heavy machinery, and dynamic loads

Why Choose the Makgrout Series?

When it comes to demanding grouting applications, the Makgrout series from the Makrete Product Line offers a dependable solution. With exceptional strength, water resistance, and shrinkage-compensation options, Makgrout grouts are formulated to handle everything from heavy machinery baseplates to underwater repairs. Whether you need a versatile grout for a wide range of applications or a high-strength solution for large repairs, the Makgrout series provides the performance and reliability you can trust for your most challenging projects.

  • Exceptional Strength: Makgrout grouts are formulated for high strength, exceeding industry standards to ensure reliable load-bearing capacity and long-lasting performance in demanding applications.
  • Superior Durability: Makrete grouts are known for their chemical resistance and resilience against harsh environments, making them suitable for projects exposed to water, chemicals, or other wear and tear.
  • User-Friendly Application: The Makgrout series prioritizes ease of use with extended workability for larger pours. This allows for efficient application and reduces the risk of errors during grouting.
  • Diverse Applications: Makgrout offers a variety of grouts suitable for a wide range of applications, from precise precast panel filling to large repairs requiring high strength. This versatility makes the Makgrout series a one-stop shop for various grouting needs.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Makrete prioritizes eco-friendly practices by utilizing locally sourced raw materials and innovative formulations to minimize the environmental impact of their products.

Makrete Patching Compounds

Danterr supplies the Makrete Patching Compounds, designed to meet all your concrete repair needs with exceptional versatility and performance. From lightweight, fire-rated solutions to high-strength structural repairs, the Makpatch series ensures reliable and durable fixes for cracks, holes, and voids in concrete surfaces.

Makpatch LW-10kg: A patching compound formulated for lightweight repairs of cracks, holes, and voids in concrete surfaces.

  • Covering Metal Joining Plates
  • Ideal for patching repairs
  • Formwork-Free Application simplifying the repair process

Makpatch FC-20kg: A patching compound designed for filling cracks, holes, and voids in concrete surfaces, offering good adhesion and water resistance.

  • Concrete Surface Repair ensuring a smooth and uniform finish
  • Internal and External Repairs offering versatility in project applications
  • Efficient Surface Filling imperfections and voids with a single-coat application

Makpatch HB-20kg: A high-strength patching compound suitable for structural repairs of cracks, holes, and voids in concrete surfaces.

  • Large Area Reinstatement ideal for reinstating large areas of concrete
  • Column and Beam Repair engineered for repairing columns and beams
  • Wet Spraying offering flexibility and efficiency in repair applications

Makpatch HB85-Ultra 20kg: A high-build, high-strength patching compound ideal for large and deep repairs of cracks, holes, and voids in concrete surfaces.

  • Corrosion Repairs perfect for repairing spalled or deteriorated concrete
  • Suitable for structural repairs to columns, stairs, decks, balconies, walls, and concrete
  • Offers repairs requiring low permeability and high resistance to chlorides and carbon dioxide

Makpatch HB-55-Ultra 20kg: A fast-curing, high-strength patching compound suitable for repairs requiring rapid turnaround.

  • Efficiently repairs damaged concrete panels
  • Excellent for repairing spalled or deteriorated concrete
  • Suitable for structural strengthening requiring >45MPa

Why Choose the Makpatch Series?

Cracked or damaged concrete? Look no further than the Makpatch series by Makrete Building Solutions. This range of patching compounds caters to various repair needs, from minor cracks to deep voids. The Makrete Product Line offers a selection of strengths, from lightweight options for delicate surfaces to high-strength formulas for structural repairs. With good adhesion, water resistance, and even fast-curing options, the Makpatch series provides a versatile and efficient solution to restore the integrity and aesthetics of your concrete surfaces.

  • Repair Versatility: The Makpatch series caters to a wide range of concrete repair needs, offering patching compounds suitable for filling hairline cracks, deep voids, and everything in between.
  • Strength Options: Makpatch provides a variety of strengths to address different repair requirements. From lightweight patching for delicate surfaces to high-strength formulas for structural repairs, there’s a Makpatch product to ensure a secure and lasting fix.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Many Makpatch compounds offer good adhesion and a non-staining formula, allowing for a seamless repair that restores the visual appeal of concrete surfaces.
  • Water Resistance: Select Makpatch products boast water resistance, making them ideal for applications in areas exposed to moisture or potential water ingress.
  • Application Efficiency: The Makpatch series prioritizes ease of use. Some products offer fast curing times for situations requiring rapid repairs, while others provide good workability for a smooth and efficient application process.


Danterr is proud to offer Makrete’s high-performance epoxy solutions for all your concrete repair and grouting needs. The Makrete Product Line stands for superior strength, versatility, and long-lasting performance. Whether it’s delicate precast installations or heavy-duty machinery baseplates, there’s a Makrete solution to meet your project’s requirements.

With exceptional strength, water resistance, easy application, and a commitment to sustainability, Makrete products are the reliable choice for construction professionals. Our expert team at Danterr is ready to help you select the best Makrete product for your needs.

Ready to elevate your concrete repairs and grouting projects? Click below to explore the Makrete Product Line. Experience unmatched strength and durability with Makrete.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Makrete epoxy grouts offer superior strength, chemical resistance, and water resistance compared to cementitious grouts. They are also non-shrink, which minimizes the risk of cracking, and some cure faster, allowing for quicker project completion.

Makrete offers a wide range of epoxy grouts suitable for various applications, from delicate precast panel installations and filling gaps around anchor bolts to heavy-duty machinery baseplate grouting and underwater repairs.

Makrete patching compounds come in various strengths and are ideal for repairing cracks, holes, and voids in concrete surfaces. They offer good adhesion, water resistance (in some cases), and a smooth finish for a restored aesthetic.

Consider the specific requirements of your project, such as the strength needed, the size of the repair area, and the need for water resistance or fast curing. Danterr’s expert team can help you choose the best Makrete product for your needs.

Makrete grouts are formulated for ease of use. Many have extended workability for larger pours and user-friendly application processes.

Makrete grouts are known for their exceptional strength, exceeding industry standards. This ensures long-lasting performance and reliable load-bearing capacity for demanding applications.

Makrete prioritizes sustainability by utilizing locally sourced raw materials and innovative formulations to minimize environmental impact.

You can find technical specifications, application guides, and safety data on Danterr website or by downloading the product Catalogue.

Warranty information typically varies depending on the specific product and application. Contact Danterr or refer to Danterr website for details.

Makrete epoxy solutions are available at Danterr. Visit their website or contact their team to explore the Makgrout and Makpatch product lines and place an order.

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